7 Steps to Financial Freedom

Designed for the individual investor looking ahead to retirement, Seven Steps to Financial Freedom in Retirement offers unfettered access to financial consultant Hank Parrott's 20+ years of professional experience.

A unique and indispensable resource for assessing finances.


Let Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc. help you to maximize your retirement income and minimize your risk, while also helping you to reduce taxes.

We specialize in asset protection and preservation which we believe to be at least as important as getting the best return on your money.

Most of our clients are retired or near retirement, therefore our first priority is to assure you have a safe, secure and prosperous retirement. With over 20 years in the financial services industry, Hank Parrott is a seasoned financial planning veteran who has dedicated his career to helping retirees safely preserve, protect and proliferate their assets. In his role as President of Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc. (EFS), Hank employs only the most proven methods coupled with the most innovative strategies guaranteed to help retirees protect and grow their estate and, in doing so, safeguard their and their family’s – financial future.


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