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Hank Parrott

With over 25 years in the financial industry, Hank Parrott is a seasoned financial planning veteran who has dedicated his career to helped retirees safely preserve, protect, and proliferate their assets.

In his role as President of Estate & Financial Strategies, Inc., Hank employs only the most proven methods coupled with the most innovative strategies guaranteed to help retirees protect and grow their estate and, in doing so, safeguard their and their family's financial future.

Each of Hank's clients throughout Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama, California, Missouri, New Hampshire, and other areas of the United States, receive an in-depth personal situation analysis to determine their unique, individualized needs and goals, so that a custom-tailored financial plan can be meticulously crafted. As Hank's desire to earn his client's trust is first and foremost, he takes the time necessary to educate and inform them each step along the way. This ensures his clients are completely knowledgeable of, and in agreement with, the recommended and intended asset protection and growth strategies that will work toward their goals.